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If you are interested in talking to an Organizer about joining our union, please fill out the survey below and click submit, an organizer will respond shortly.

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A union is not an outside entity that comes in and makes unilateral changes in your workplace, a union is YOU and your co-workers joining together to aquire a binding contract that everyone can live with. The IAM has trained negotiators to be your voice at the bargaining table, skilled attorneys to hold the employer accountable under federal and state law, and 600,000 active and retired members to show solidarity when needed.

There are many reasons for wanting to join a union. Maybe your employer makes promises they don't keep, maybe management is constantly making mistakes and blaming it on team members. A union holds your employer accountable in the same way that its employees are accountable.

When you and your co-workers vote to join a union, the company is obligated under federal law to bargain with you and your co-workers.

These mandatory subjects of bargaining include Monetary Subjects which involve wages, vacation, retirement, holiday pay, sick pay, health insurance and anything else that has a cost. 

Working Conditions which include breaks, safety, seniority, job bidding, and even provided water and cooling fans in hot work areas. 

Hours of Labor which define shift schedules, forced overtime, on call guidelines, and anything else that may affect and employees work life balance.

Many of our members enjoy overtime pay and joining a union does not jeopardize that, a union simply helps establish a practice that is fair.

Example: When an extra shift is needed, a fair practice may be to have a sign-up sheet. Most senior employee's that want to work will get first choice. If there aren't enough people to run the shift, the least senior qualified employees may be forced.  


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