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The Aerospace Union

Aerospace Labor Union

The Machinists Union or International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers is the largest Aerospace Union in North America with nearly 700,000 active and retired members, 150,000 of those members are aerospace workers. The IAM's aerospace union members build and service commercial and military airplanes, rotary-wing aircrafts, aircraft engines, missiles, rockets, electronics, satellites, space vehicles, and even flight instructors and pilots. 

The IAMAW represents employees at Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Amentum, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, Jet Blue, Vertex, Raytheon, NASA, M1Support, S-3, and many more. We pride ourselves on being a fraternity cemented in US history and one of the oldest labor unions in the US, still in existence, and thriving.

The IAMAW is not your average union, we are a craft union, structured to offer the best representation in the labor movement. We know the industry; we have contracts across the US to compare wages and benefits so that our members are compensated above industry standards. There is no company too big or too "anti-union" for the Machinists Union! We have been dubbed "The Fighting Machinists" for good reason.

If you would like to talk to an Organizer about forming a union at your workplace, feel free to call, text or email us.

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