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Amentum Employees at Camp Johnson File for Union Representation with IAMAW District W2021

Employees at Amentum, Camp Johnson have officially filed for a Union election with the IAM. The workers have been subject to unfair discipline, inadequate healthcare procedures and pay that is below industry standards. Employees at this worksite have been vocal regarding constant suspensions for any little thing and even though the facility is running almost 20 employees short of their government contract, they still fire workers like skilled Aircraft Mechanics are growing on trees.

Under the direction of President and Directing Business Representative Charles Bennett and District Organizer Shawn Vanderjack, the employees at Amentum, Camp Johnson in Leesville, LA are educated, vocal and ready to get this thing done. IAMAW District W2021 filed on behalf of these workers with an overwhelming majority of signed Authorization Cards. The workers have already made nominations for their chief shop steward and grievance committee, which will be concluded by a secret ballot election on Wednesday June 28th. Right now, our Southern Territory leadership is in the process of negotiating an election stipulation which we fully expect to have by early next week.

Service contract companies pay whatever the area wage determination is per region and not a penny more in most cases. The Government reimburses the company whatever that AWD is but when service contract workers vote to join a union, the government recognizes their union contract as their new AWD. The Government will accept and reimburse the company of that cost. There are two ways that service contract workers can receive better wages and benefits. The first is to wait for the government to determine that the AWD needs to be raised which can take a few years, and the second is to join a union and take matters into their own hands. We applaud these workers for having the courage and ambition to act, not just for their own individual gain, but for looking to their co-workers, joining together, and deciding "We can do better if we stand together."

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