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Olin Winchester in Illinois and Missouri Reap the Benefits with the Largest Defense Union in the Country

With a proven track record of leading wages and benefit packages in the defense and aerospace industry, the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers is 2nd to none.

In this day and age, the word union brings the thought of Jimmy Hoffa, the 1960's mob, and todays new age 23-year-old, right out of college who seems to know everything except how to do a job that leaves grease under their fingernails. In the midst of all that, there is still a gem in the labor movement. The IAM&AW is the largest defense and aerospace union in North America with almost 700,000 members and representing over 33 Lockheed Martin sites, 11,000 Raytheon employees, 11,000 General Dynamics employees and many more. The IAM even represents workers at Harley Davidson and Browning, and yes, Winchester ammunition facilities.

The IAM proudly represents workers on almost every US Military Base on American soil, from Army Gunners, Navy Destroyers, to the F15s and F35s, a IAM member has helped manufacture it.

Olin Winchester has 3 facilities in the U.S and the IAM represents two of them. Our members in Illinois and Missouri no longer deal with company rules being changed at a whim, or the fictional "company policy book" that only seems to be used on employees yet swept under the rug when management breaks the same rules. You know the feeling at the end of the year, waiting to hear if and when you will get a raise? The feeling when its time for interviews to discuss your "merit raise" but your worried about that time you stuck up for yourself... will your boss hold a grudge and deny or give you a lesser raise because you spoke up about a safety issue? Thats no way to make a living.

(Images below are from IAMAW-Olin Winchester Union Contracts)

A contract between the IAM&AW and the company isn't a fictional company policy, it's a binding legal agreement. Negotiated by a professional IAM Rep, with a nominated and elected committee from the shop floor.

A non-represented shop has no protections for workers. If they don't like your stupid face, they can tell you to kick rocks. A IAM represented shop has "Just Cause" language, meaning the punishment must fit the crime, proof you did the deed, and proof you knew it was against the rules. A fair equal process, despite what your face looks like...

Progressive discipline, not discipline depending on likability or who your related to.

A say in plant work schedules, notice ahead of time so that workers can plan their lives accordingly.

Negotiated premiums.

Negotiated holiday pay, one of our Winchester shops gets double time for working a holiday and the other gets triple time. The contract a shop gets truly depends on how united and strong the membership is at that particular facility.

Negotiated retirement plans. (IAM members make an average of 30% more in wages and benefits than non-union employees doing the same work.

IAM members negotiate as one, equal across the board. The reality is this, you could die tomorrow, and you will be replaced within 48 hours... They can't replace the whole shop... bargain as one strong voice, there is power in solidarity.

Negotiated holidays, look at all that triple time....

We are The Fighting Machinists, and we are the United States Defense Union.

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