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IAMAW Members at Stennis Space Center Are on Strike!

IAMAW members working for S3 (Syncom Space Services) at Stennis Space Center have voted overwhelmingly to strike. The 200 employees voted against the companies' final offer and are demanding a fair deal.

Directing Business Representative Charles Bennett stated-

"After intense negotiations and receiving an unacceptable final offer from the company, the 200+ members of LL 2249 who work under the FOSC contract voted to go on strike.

These Sisters and Brothers feel it is time to take a stand and fight for what they deserve.

A strike is not a glamorous event and not something that is entered into lightly.  These members understand that and feel the company gave them no other option.

Solidarity is what makes us strong, and now is the time to demonstrate our Solidarity!

BR. John Piatt is leading our members on this strike as he stands ready to meet with the company any time, they are ready."

IAMAW District W2021 Business Rep, John Piatt, along with the Union Negotiating Commitee, which is made up of elected workers on the job site have stated, the strike was instigated by constant inconsistencies and unfair work practices, related workers comp, leave of absences, work schedules, and insurance and wage increases. The group is committed to get back to the bargaining table within an hours' notice whenever the company is ready. Unfortunately, the company is not showing the same commitment.

The IAMAW requires 66% plus 1, to call a strike, and only 1% of our contracts end up on a strike line. If one of our shops is out walking the line, believe that it's for a good reason. IAMAW District W2021 and its staff is throwing full support to our brothers and sisters fighting for their future and the next generations to come. Stand strong and hold the line!!!

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