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District W2021 Holds Steward Training for LL-1317, Citgo Members.

Directing Business Rep, Chuck Bennett and Business Rep Wade Istre held a training session for seven new Stewards at our represented Citgo plant in Lake Charles, LA.

The number one priority of the IAMAW is offering quality service to our membership, and that starts with our boots on the ground Shop Stewards.

Our classes are designed by the IAM’s very own Labor College William W. Winpisinger Center | ( in Hollywood Maryland which is the crown jewel of this Union. The IAM is the last Union in North America to own and operate an educational facility of this magnitude. Our Local Lodges vote on who they send and if lost wages are to be paid, and in most instances airline tickets are paid for if needed. For our Locals that don’t want to spend the money to send participants or if the class needs to be fast tracked, course work and guides can be sent directly to Districts.

Our Steward classes teach new Stewards how to navigate their contract, how to identify a grievance, how to differentiate a gripe from a grievance, and even a brief of labor law and how to find answers to questions they don’t know. Our Union Reps are always a phone call away for answers they can’t find or if these stewards need help sooner than later.

The IAM prides itself on a structure set up directly for servicing. First, we have our Job branch Stewards, next is our Local Lodge officers. Servicing our Local’s, we have our Districts, above that we have Territory leadership and servicing representatives. At the very top overseeing it all, is our Grand Lodge. The IAM was structured this way for checks and balances, accountability and finally, top notch service for our members.

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