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Local Lodge W484 Potlatch/Deltic Workers Ratify Historic Contract!

IAMAW Local Lodge W484 has an experienced committee, great leadership and no fear at the bargaining table. The Potlatch/Deltic Bargaining Committee in Warren Arkansas set the bar high last week. Ulysses Edwards, Lisa Edwards, Shawn Moorehead, James Ellis, and Roderick Robinson wrapped up negotiations with Potlatch/Deltic last week supported by Business Representative Wade Istre with historic monetary increases. 180 workers at this facility voted overwhelmingly to accept the agreement and get it ratified.

There are two groups inside this facility, one group will receive a 15.4% increase through the 3-year agreement and the other will receive a 17.1% increase during the 3-year contract term. The committee was also successful in tripling the night shift differential and doubling the weekend shift differential. Their healthcare will be locked in with no changes or cost increases for the term of the contract and this facility now recognizes Juneteenth as a paid holiday.

These dedicated unionists have set a standard that union and non union shops now have to compare themselves to. When you hear a company talking about "we provide competitive wages and benefit packages", shops like this are what they have to compete with. Woodworkers all over Arkansas will benefit from what Local Lodge W484 in Warren Arkansas have done here.

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