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Lockheed Martin Employees Join IAMAW

Breaking News Lockheed Martin F-35
Breaking News

Lockheed Martin employees at Bluegrass Station near Lexington, KY., voted on Thursday, October 5, 2023, to join the largest defense and aerospace union in North America. Even after a poorly executed anti-union campaign which included two “voluntary” meetings a week hosted by Lockheed’s hired persuaders, free “vote no!” t-shirts, banners, a vote no website and fear mongering about the loss of flextime, which was an obvious lie when looking at other Lockheed/Union contracts. Let us not forget the amazing and efficient anti-union tactic known only as “Project Pizza Party”.

As the IAM organizers saying goes, “we bring receipts” and the proof is on paper, signed and dated by some of the most powerful companies in the world. The Machinists Union represents Lockheed Martin employees covered by 27 IAM contracts, at 32 locations, with a total of 10,002 workers represented. IAM contracts are often celebrated on local news stations due to the economic impact large employers and big raises have on communities.

FORT WORTH, Texas, April 24, 2022 – Approximately 5,000 members of International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) District 776 in Fort Worth, Texas on Sunday voted to ratify a new contract with Lockheed Martin. The four-year, two-month contract takes effect Monday, April 25.

The new contract includes:

– 16% effective general wage increase over the life of the contract

– Additional cost-of-living adjustments and a large yearly cost-of-living supplement

– Improvements to retirement plan and maintains strong healthcare plan

– Large ratification bonus

– Improvements in field pay, annual progression raises, shift premiums and more.

Javelin Missile Made by IAMAW Members
Javelin Missile

The 332 Lockheed Martin employees to join the IAMAW, working at Bluegrass Station further strengthens the union’s position in raising industry standards across the nation. The newly formed group was inspired by a recent contract victory by 150 IAM Local 219 (District 1888) members with Tunista Logistics Solutions. The Tunista group’s three-year contract included 15% pay increases, a quadrupling of company pension contributions, health and welfare plan improvements, the elimination of a two-tier pay structure, and faster vacation accrual.

International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Logo
Lockheed Martin Union

At already union organized IAMAW-Lockheed Martin locations, IAM members have been winning unprecedented Union Contracts. With wage increases of 4%, 3.5%, and 3% per year on top of their existing union negotiated raises, these members are now among the highest paid workers in the industry.

IAMAW Amentum Members with a UH-72 Lakota
Amentum Workers Celebrating Union Victory

The newly organized IAM group made up of Amentum employees servicing the Army’s UH-72 Lakota’s at Fort Johnson Army base in Leesville, LA saw a 12% wage increase over 3 years, and improvements to their hourly health and welfare company contributions each year which includes payments into their checks if it’s not used. These members will also see direct hourly contributions into their 401k plans even if they decide not to contribute. Workers in the defense industry are talking, and they know who to call.

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