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The Machinists Union Presidential Endorsement Registration. Yes, The Membership Will Decide!

The Machinists Union made history in 2020 as the first labor union to place presidential election endorsements in the hands of its members. The IAM Executive Council, led by International President Bob Martinez Jr. announced that for far too long the decision to back a presidential candidate was held in the hands of a few and for far too long these decisions caused division and angst among the membership. Today the IAM's presidential endorsement process is decided by the rank-and-file members all over the United States. The process is done by a 3rd party company and no one in the organization has access. This process is done to make sure our membership feels confident and knows that their vote counts and the process is fair.

Once again it is time to register for the 2024 IAM endorsement process. You will need to be a member in good standing and have your union card number. If you are not currently a member, ask your Chief Shop Steward or Local Lodge for a membership application so you can participate. If you are a member and don't have your card number, contact your local or district office.

The Machinists Union made history by being the only labor union that has ever required its members to make the big decision. Be a part of labor history, we have a voice, we have a vote, USE IT!

Follow the link to register. IAM Voting | Members Choice

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