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What the Worker Sells.

In life, we as a people have or do not have. We can make our living with capital if we have it. We can use money to make money, but without capital we must find something to sell.

Every person on this planet has an expiration date, this is called the human condition. Our time is precious and limited. The working class sell that time as a means to survive. Trading precious hours of their precious time so that their families can live as comfortable as possible.

There is nothing wrong with trading this time in exchange for a comfortable home, good food, and anything else that makes your time here pleasant.

What we strive to accomplish is that our members are compensated fairly for the hours, days, years, decades of their life that is traded in exchange for a means to live. We demand our members get the most out of their lives.

In Solidarity,

-Shawn Vanderjack,

IAMAW DL W2021 Organizer

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